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    • Network Design
    • Network Security / Intrusion Detection
    • Virtual Private Networks
    • Network Vulnerability Assessments
    • Colocation Services

About Us

As one of the leading network security companies, we offer a comprehensive and customizable suite of network security services and technology, provided by a team of certified and credentialed network security professionals skilled at:
Auditing networks for vulnerabilities Risk mitigation through network hardening Remediation solutions that detect and defend against security threats Custom network design and implementations

Services Overview

Net MD tailors Internet and security solutions to meet your company’s requirements. Our Professional Services Group not only identifies vulnerabilities, but also actively supports your company through the entire design, plan, and deployment of an e-infrastructure solution. Our services help organizations establish a comprehensive security program to turn network preparedness into a competitive advantage.

Security Assessment - This is an important first step in protecting your company’s assets. Net MD employs a process to discover and map all logical elements to your company’s physical network and associated security. This high-level assessment of current information security enables us to understand the difference between perceived and actual security levels. The results are then applied to develop a vigilant plan to secure the network more effectively. 
Intrusion Detection Services – Net MD’s Professional Services Group identifies electronic or digital activity that is malicious or unauthorized. Intruders gain access to a company’s network in many ways including software bugs, improper configurations, and brute force. Net MD helps your company monitor, configure and analyze intrusion data, and translate that information into solutions for removing existing vulnerabilities. Our Intrusion Detection Services include security event monitoring, analysis, response, and escalation procedures.  
Penetration Testing – Net MD’s Professional Services Group investigate your company’s systems and infrastructure from a hacker’s perspective. Penetration testing looks for vulnerabilities to help proactively secure your network before damage can be inflicted. The resulting Vulnerability Assessment provides your company with a complete analysis of your network’s weak points.

Total Protection

Your assets are important - make sure they're protected.